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Senior Care is a Family Issue

It takes a family working together to choose the most appropriate option for a loved one's senior care- and to provide a loved one the best care possible.

For starters, seniors are at a vulnerable stage of life. They often face multiple health concerns and loss of physical and cognitive function. More than ever, seniors need the support and love of family members.

Goberts Registry offers suggestions of important areas of family and senior consideration. Working together, the family can create a great foundation for senior support.

Seniors often have difficulty expressing their needs, desires and preferences, so they need someone to advocate for them. And who is more qualified for that than the people who know them better than anyone else in the world?

Even if your family chooses to involve outside help in providing your loved one's care- an in-home care agency like ours, an assisted living community, or a nursing home-you need to be involved. You can communicate to the professional caregivers your loved one's likes and dislikes, habits, routines, concerns and all the other things that make them the individual they are. Without your help and involvement, their care may fall short of what the deserve.

Considerations to Make
In choosing the most appropriate care for a parent, there are a number of considerations to make and questions to ask:
  • How do I begin talking with my parent about their care needs?
  • How will the care be funded?
  • What is the safest, most comfortable, most appropriate care option available for my parent?
  • Is a family member nearby who can be of assistance at a moment's notice?
  • What types of help does my parent need - for instance, bathing, eathing, transportation, medication reminders?
  • ETC.

Let's work as a team in caring for your Loved One!
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